Mark Kenworthy Photography & Design | Rome
Photos from my first visit to Rome. This trip was 4 days of walking, touring and eating Gelati, with a bit of time for photography as well.

I had ideas before we went about the things and images that I wanted to capture, but I think I was suprised by the photos that I personally like the most. For the most part they are the back alleys and and the angles which could be any old world site.

In this gallery there is a mix of remains of the ancient fora, street scenes, imposing interiors, museum pieces and even some experimental long exposure impressionist street scenes.

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Tiber at nightPagan rootsDaily lifeThe Flavian AmphitheaterPXK53674PXK54110The PantheonSpanish StepsPXK53680The Flavian AmphitheaterThe Flavian AmphitheaterThe PantheonSpanish StepsThe Flavian AmphitheaterThe Flavian AmphitheaterThe PantheonPXK53676PXK54118PXK54005